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Navimatix GmbH

Partner Contributions

In the MOPS research project the goals and tasks of the Navimatix GmbH are divided into two main aspects. On the one hand the scenario "dynamic logistics processes" establishes an application oriented relation to scientific work. In this, the problem of the "last mile" in the context of delivery service is expanded with dynamic non pre- planable events. The procedures and techniques that will be developed by the project consortium aim to control and optimize the workflow for dynamic logistic processes to attain a significant increase of successful deliveries.On the other hand a second research focus concerns mainly the integration and adaption of track and tracing techniques into the MOPS- infrastructure and tries to modify and improve project specific applications. For this purpose techniques for tracking and visualization of mobile resources on digital maps are analyzed regarding the practical usage.

Company Profile

The Navimatix GmbH develops customized, high available tracking applications and mobile systems for navigation and data acquisition. The development and contol of scalable communication infrastructures in interaction with dynamic illustrations on digital maps represents a core competency of the Navimatix GmbH. Besides individual projects with business customers and industry partners the Navimatix offers also own products for retail. Customers can benefit from experienced employees and trainers for IT - consulting and training in analysis, design, implementation and support of software systems on various programming languages. Currently the company employs twelve people.




Dipl.-Inf. Steffen Späthe

Moritz-von-Rohr Straße 1a
Germany-07745 Jena
Phone +49 (0)3641 526307
Fax +49 (0)3641 526306


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