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University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
(associate partner of the FSU Jena)

Department of Building Technologies and Computer Science
Disciplines of Computer Science

Partner Contributions

As an associate partner of the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt is responsible for the usability engineering and is concerned with the study of user acceptance of mobile user interfaces. The purpose of user interfaces is always to allow users to complete tasks with the help of the underlying system in a most effective and efficient way. Usability measures how well a system meets this purpose. In this context, it is important for our research to adapt, develop and verify procedures and techniques to identify and assess the user behavior considering the specific characteristics of the mobile applications. Using an iterative process, we will get suggestions for improvements and communicate them to our project partners. Thus a substantial contribution to improving the usability of the products is made. Additionally, from our usability studies we can extract new research results for the development and improvement of the measurement methods.

University Profil

Although only founded on 1st October 1991, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt follows long-established traditions of training engineers in the city. With around 1000 new students annually and approx. 4500 students (in the winter semester 2007/2008), the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, one of two universities in the state capital, is a highly attended university in Thuringia. It stands out for its broadly based interdisciplinary range of courses in twelve branches of study.
The field of study "Applied Computer Science" in Thuringia is still a young area of teaching and research. Founded in 2000 it started with Bachelor and Master Degree courses, first with an interdisciplinary Bachelor study course, followed by an consecutive Master study course in the winter semester 2003/ 2004. Both programs were accredited in 2004 as the first computer science courses in Thuringia and are therefore internationally comparable and recognized.


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Prof. Dr.-Ing Gabriele Schade

University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
Altonaer Straße 25
Germany-99085 Erfurt
Phone +49 (0)361 6700 355
Fax +49 (0)361 6700 643


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