Partners and subprojects

The project consortium consists of four research partner and five industrial partner. For the execution of the Project in such a complex environment a project consortium in this size is needed to handle the main topics in the project.

GODYO Business Solutions AG (project coordinator)

Project management, subproject Workflow Languages and definition of an application scenario. [more...]

Logo der GODYO Business Solutions AG


Friedrich Schiller University of Jena

Subproject workflow planning, subproject Evaluation of User Behavior in collaboration of University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, technology management and software development. [more...]


Logo der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität


Ilmenau University of Technology

Subproject User Interfaces of the department of Media Production at the Institute for media technology and subproject
Workflow Modeling of the department of software systems / process informatics. [more...]


Logo der technischen Universität Ilmenau


Navimatix GmbH

Subproject Localization and supply of the maps and definition of an application scenario. [more...]




NetSys.IT Information & Communication GbR

Subproject Network and Data Security. [more...]

Logo der NetSys.IT GbR


Synchronity GmbH

Subproject Content Representation, Content Reduction and Content adaption and definition of an application scenario. [more...]


Logo der Synchronity GmbH


the agent factory GmbH

Subproject Workflow Execution and Software Development. [more...]


Logo von the agent factory GmbH


University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
(associate partner of the FSU Jena)

As an associate partner the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt supports the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena
in the Usability Evaluation of user interfaces. [more...]