Project description

The aim of the project "MOPS" (Adaptive Planning and Secure Execution of Mobile Processes in Dynamic Scenarios) is the development of solutions for the transfer of formerly static business processes into the world of mobile data devices. The project is funded by the "Thüringer Aufbaubank" and started on 6 August 2009. The entire project runs 30 months and has a funding amount of 2.2 million euros. For this purpose financial resources from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) are used. The objective of the joint project "MOPS" is the transfer of business process planning and execution into mobile environments. As an application domain MOPS defines scenarios for companies with field staff as well as logistics companies. Towards a suitable solution we apply a tight integration of a workflow engine, a dynamic planner and a semantic service broker in combination with navigation software to meet the complex requirements of these changeable mobile infrastructures.

In the interest of a holistic approach specialists from different IT-disciplines regarding the description of the process transmission, the aspects of the security, the ease of use and the actual programming of prototypes.


According to the guideline for the funding of joint projects the project "MOPS" can be assigned to both the range of the industrial research and the before-competitive development: In the first two project stages the focus is put on the basic research to the technological complex of themes, the analysis and conception of the scenarios under most diverse criteria and the development and implementation of designed and planned components. The realizations from the development, implementation and first integration of the components serve as basis for the phase of the before-competitive development. The results are the base of a functional total prototype, which will developed and validated.

Main focus

The technical-economical innovative emphasis of the planned project lies in the flexible, smooth integration of mobile devices in existing IT-structures and IT-Sequences as well as the use of the large economic potential of these devices by mobile processes. The technical-economical innovative emphasis in the MOPS-project is assigned to the information and communications technology with the supporting research and technology fields software, simulation, applied mathematics and computer science.

The project consortium includes FSU Jena, TU Ilmenau, FH Erfurt, Navimatix, NetSys.IT, the Agent Factory Synchronity and Godyo AG (coordinator).

Project title
Adaptive Planning and Secure Execution of Mobile Processes in Dynamic Scenarios
Project duration
08-06-09 -
Funding sum
€ 2,2 Mio
Funding authority
MOPS is funded by the Free State of Thuringia and the European Union (EFRE)
Promotional program Directive on the provision of innovative and technology cooperative projects, networks and clusters (Research Groups)
Project number
2007 VF0032
Project Sponsor
Thüringer Aufbaubank
Project manager Norbert Wabnitz